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Our People

The inspiring and passionate people of AllTrips.

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Alyson Klaczkiewicz

Spending time with family and friends, traveling, reading, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, cooking and hanging with her dogs!

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B.J. Hansen

Friends, family, travel, world cultures, deep cowboy powder, mountain biking, river trips, surfing, health, growth, sustainability, getting my hands dirty, escapes to the red rocks, canyons and solitude of the desert, swarms of western Australian flies.

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Carli Lyon

Laughing, travel, storytelling, wine, helping out where I can, adventure, talking, sustainability, music, skiing, hiking, rafting, family and friends, trying and cooking new food and learning.

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Dan Staebler

His kids, laughing, geeking on data, mobile living, cooking, tinkering, outdoor time, creative sustainability, music.

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Drew Cosby

Family, kids, success, work, personal and professional growth, fly fishing, mountain biking, snowboarding, adventure, travel, music.

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Lisa Ridenour

Skiing powder, mountain biking, road trips in our sportsmobile, traveling anywhere, planning ahead, drinking a good cup of coffee, eating delicious food, being with family and friends, becoming a better person.

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Merilee Lienert

Coffee in bed, crunching numbers, good wine, interesting conversation, investigating, music, puns, saxifrage, sharing times with good friends, sleeping under the stars, solving problems, sun on my face, thunder.

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Mike Banville

Fly fishing, upland bird hunting, exploring new trails, decent wine, well-seasoned medium-rare elk medallions, guessing popular movie lines, being a role model for my daughter, being a caring husband to my wife, serving humanity through Rotary and the Knights of Columbus.

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Tim Bradshaw

Travel, exploring, business development, personal growth, biking, sailing, skiing, fishing, programming.