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Business Solutions - FAQs

Answers to our most commom questions.

What do I need to do to get started?

  • Tell us you’re interested.
  • All you need to do to get listed is enter your business information in our simple sign-up form in your destination. Let us know if you are interested in receiving 5 times the amount of traffic through a paid listing and one of our dedicated representatives will get in touch with you to set up a campaign.

Who is AllTrips?

  • We are a web based marketing company that promotes travel businesses in outdoor destinations.
  • Founded in 1995, we are a small team of travel marketing professionals who love the outdoors. Our mission is to share amazing places with travelers and help those travelers discover businesses like yours.

What does AllTrips do?

  • We deliver qualified visitors to your business.
  • Through a network of online travel guides that feature national park and outdoor destinations, we deliver highly-qualified visitors directly to your website.

Where is AllTrips located?

  • Jackson, Wyoming
  • While our home base is in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where we launched our first travel guide in 1995, our staff is located throughout Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and the East Coast, keeping us in touch with the markets we serve. We feature over 42 national parks and outdoor activity based destinations.

How does AllTrips work?

  • AllTrips helps visitors discover your business at the right time.
  • Being discovered on more than one channel increases your probability of a booking. AllTrips introduces your brand to thousands of unaware travelers who want your service or product but don’t know how to find you. Our search algorithm targets higher quality travelers that are ready to book and we encourage direct bookings by sending them straight to your website.

Why does AllTrips focus on travel?

  • It is our passion.
  • We love traveling and the great outdoors, and we specialize in tech. What started as a need to help businesses take the leap from print to digital and web based marketing has expanded into a passion of helping unique travel businesses like your own grow to their greatest potential. We believe that memorable travel experiences lead to personal growth, meaningful family time, and are much more valuable than physical products. Our company is based on the combination of creating memorable outdoor travel experiences for visitors and helping companies that create those experiences grow and succeed.

What's the difference between Free versus Paid Listings?

  • The difference is 5 x more visitors.
  • Free listings are our most basic listings that show up at the bottom of a listing page. Paid listings appear higher on the page, offer more exposure and deliver an average of 5X more visitors to your travel business. Paid listing features can include photos, customized content, as well as availability and price comparisons.

What should I expect when I sign up?

  • A risk free advertising campaign with personalized expertise and detailed tracking reports.
  • Advertising packages include a dedicated marketing advisor, monthly tracking reports, listing updates at any time, and a 90-day money back guarantee.

How do I know if I’m getting visitors?

  • Monthly performance reports and Google Analytics.
  • Our monthly detailed tracking reports show you exactly how and when visitors found you on our website. Conversions for all of your marketing campaigns (including those outside of AllTrips) can be tracked with Google Analtyics. We’ll show you how to track ROI on Google Analytics so you can make educated decisions on what campaigns are working best.

How do I know if your visitors are my customers?

  • AllTrips visitors are pre-qualified and actively searching for your type of service or experience early on in the travel planning process.
  • AllTrips visitors find us and your business early on in the travel planning process. By delivering visitors to your website, we give you the power to sell and pitch your experience directly to the visitor. Once an AllTrips visitor lands on your website, we know they have been pre-qualified, first by landing on our website through a narrowed search phrase, and secondly by clicking through to your website because they are interested in your business offering.

How does AllTrips compare to other marketing channels?

  • Search ranking, comprehensive travel guide content, quality of visitor leads, and fixed fee contracts set us apart from other channels.
  • AllTrips offers high-quality brand awareness through comprehensive travel guides for each destination. In some markets we are compared to Chambers and Visitor Bureaus, while others compare us to Trip Advisor and similar local directories.

How do you compare to Google Ads?

  • Google Ad leads bounce more than AllTrips leads.
  • Visitors delivered from AllTrips are pre-filtered and actively shopping. These serious planners bounce less and are higher quality than visitors coming from less targeted Google Ads or search results.

How do you compare to OTAs?

  • Direct bookings are much more valuable to your business than commission-based bookings.
  • AllTrips believes in delivering the most value to clients through direct bookings. While OTAs can prove bookings, many travelers pre-selected your business through exposure on AllTrps long before your business was discovered on that OTA. Because we give equal exposure within each advertising tier, local businesses have the benefit of not getting lost in the mix with larger national companies as they do on OTAs. We focus the traveler’s attention on finding local businesses like your own, and therefore help you develop a better quality guest whose total purchase value over time is much more profitable than those booking through an OTA. Compare our advertising fees to the 15-25% commissions charged by OTAs, and it will become obvious that we are a low cost alternative and deliver higher quality leads.

Why don’t I see you in search results?

  • We focus our search engine optimization on specific long-tail phrasing.
  • 99% of our 5 million visitors find us through specific and detailed organic searches. Generic, all encompassing phrasing, produces a highly competitive list of results and by focusing on very specific phrasing, we attract a highly qualified visitor in the early planning stages of a vacation. At AllTrips, we prioritize high quality over high quantity.

How can I get more bookings from AllTrips?

  • Maintain a website that is thorough, easy to understand, and accurately represents the experience you offer.
  • Our single focus is to deliver visitors directly to your website to see if you are a good fit for their needs. We create the initial awareness of your business and facilitate your ‘digital meeting’ with potential guests. Because the conversion takes place on your website or via phone call, the story you share on your website needs to be compelling and accurate. AllTrips sends you high quality visitors and we leave the conversion up to you.
  • Extra: Our digital marketing team is available for website improvements and redesign. We start with analyzing your online presence in search, website features, social media and reviews. We would love to walk you through our free report card and discuss the next steps with you personally.

Why can’t I tell if visitors are booking (like I can with Expedia)?

  • Travelers often discover your business through AllTrips long before they are ready to book.
  • Other than installing a complex conversion tracking system, it’s hard for most of our clients to determine how a guest initially discovered their business. A direct booking on your website might appear on Google Analytics to be a result of an organic search or a commission based booking might come through an online travel agency (OTA). But unless you are a well-known chain or brand, it is important to consider how that traveler initially discovered you. We have worked with a handful of clients that have installed complex conversion tracking systems and AllTrips almost always appears in the beginning stages of research, as opposed to the booking stages.

Why am I not seeing much traffic from AllTrips?

  • We prioritize quality leads over quantity of leads.
  • At AllTrips, we focus on sending businesses like yours high quality leads because they are more likely to convert. Fewer high quality leads is more profitable than many low quality leads. We base pricing on volume and only sell you what we know we can deliver.

Why don’t my guests say they found me on AllTrips?

  • Don’t trust your guests’ memories … trust the data.
  • Most people planning a trip start with a search. We strive to be the next step in their planning process by pre-qualifying their needs and preferences before introducing them to you. If a guest says they found you in a search, it’s hard to deduce how they really discovered your business. Our focus is on building brand awareness for you, not for AllTrips. We focus on the data to prove our worth so if we can help you understand the data, you’ll understand how your guests found you.

This isn’t the right time for me.

  • Let us know when we should follow up.
  • Your satisfaction means a lot to us so if you want us to follow up at a later date, no problem. But why wait? We offer a 90 day money back guarantee and don’t want you to miss out on thousands of new customers.