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Current career opportunites at AllTrips

January 2021

Senior Sales & Marketing Director

Your Role

AllTrips is a digital media company producing travel guides for outdoor adventure destinations. We are seeking an experienced Sales & Marketing Director to lead our marketing strategy and sales team. We are based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming but you can work from anywhere with a flexible schedule. We are offering a base salary plus commissions on overall company sales and bonuses based on sales growth.

To apply, please send an email with your LinkedIn profile link to

Your Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of this role is growing sales by developing and executing a marketing strategy that generates new customers, redevelops relationships with past customers and helps the sales team grow their existing customers. Additional responsibilities include supporting the sales team, forecasting and planning, hiring and training new sales team members and reporting on results.

Your Day-to-Day Duties

Daily activities start with developing a marketing strategy that increases lead generation. Once a strategy is prepared, the primary activities include overseeing local and regional sales, promotions and campaigns as well as developing and producing any sales support collateral. Additional activities include tracking, follow up, re-marketing and reporting results on lead generation, conversion rates, and sales data. With that data, apply improvements to the strategy.

As part of directing and supporting the sales team, this role provides support to and gets feedback from the sales team through regular meetings. This is where the team identifies and clears hurdles, seeks feedback on generating leads, improving conversions and growing existing client sales. This role will occasionally need to hire and train new sales team members as necessary.

As a senior director, this role reports overall results of the marketing efforts and sales team annually. This role works with the sales team to forecast annual sales using the marketing strategy and sales team feedback. Those forecasts provide guidance for budgeting and performance expectations. Responsibilities also include meeting with and reporting to the owners/executive team on a regular basis to assess performance and solve issues.

Other minor responsibilities throughout the year include developing and managing relationships with 3rd party service providers through referral agreements and managing affiliate advertising campaigns.

Your Skills

  • Sales and Marketing Strategy Development - Minimum 3 years experience
  • Marketing Experience - Minimum 3 years experience
  • Sales Team Management - Minimum 1 year experience.
  • Communication skills that include and demonstrate strong writing skills.
  • Strong analytical skills to identify trends and sales patterns.
  • Technical skills that include spreadsheets, CRM management, and social media account management.
  • Digital advertising experience is a bonus.

Salary and Benefits

This position earns a base salary of $40,000 to cover administrative work expected to be approximately 20 hours per week. In addition to the base salary a 5% commission is paid based on total advertising revenue. A 15% bonus is paid on new advertising sales growth at the end of each year. Total compensation starts at approximately $75,000+ based on current sales with upside potential with sales growth.

Your additional benefits include:

  • Completely flexible schedule.
  • Health insurance stipend after first year.
  • Work from anywhere.
  • Annual technology stipend for computer and phone.
  • Fun work environment with a great team.