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Travel Packages - FAQs

Answers to our most commonly asked travel packages questions.

How do packages work?

The packages listed give you an idea of the price of a vacation. They are created with lodging and activities. Specials that are available are included (4th Night Free, 25% off) in the package price for each lodging option.

What is the fine print?

These prices are accurate at the time of publishing, availability is limited and restrictions apply. Prices listed are “starting from” which means that they can go up in price depending on the day of week, length of stay and other factors.

What if my dates of travel overlap?

The price will fall somewhere between the rate listed.

It says prices are based on a certain month (ie January), and I want to travel in March, what is the price for March?

You can email or call for a custom quote right now, and I advise you to do so! The price should give you an idea of generally what you can expect, as long as you are not traveling over a holiday period.

Is this part of a tour?

Unless specifically indicated, this is not part of a tour. This is a completely custom vacation package. You can choose the day you do activities and the order in which you do them.

What's included?

The bulleted list indicates what is included. Airfare and car rental or airport transfers can be added.

What if I have more people?

With so many lodging options and room types available, it is extremely easy (and often more affordable) if you are traveling with more people, but you can still use the per person price as a general guide.

I don't like all the activities, can I substitute?

Yes, you can also add activities you don’t see. Each of these actions will modify the price of the package.

How can I create my own?

The easiest way to create your own custom package is to email or call today. It is obligation free, and our agents have firsthand knowledge of the best specials and deals out there.

Please call 888-733-1093 today, or email us for a custom quote or if you have additional questions!