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Barker Ewing Whitewater

Jackson, Wyoming

AllTrips Solutions


  • 23%
  • increase in direct reservation completions
  • 955
  • Facebook followers
  • 255
  • Instagram followers

Setting up a defined strategy to showcase their offering and improve reviews and social media presence increased Barker Ewing's awareness in a competitive industry.

The Company

Barker Ewing Whitewater has been providing Snake River Whitewater Rafting Trips and Scenic Rafting Trips for over 53 years! Our unparalleled customer service and outstanding safety record sets us apart from the rest.

The Hurdles to Overcome

Staying competitive and growing revenues in a crowded rafting industry such as Jackson Hole was a driving force for Barker Ewing. To do so, BEWW wanted to create a strategic digital marketing plan to create awareness around what makes BEWW ‘s offering more attractive than its competitors. The key to customer acquisition wasn't just improving SEO for better search engine positioning but came down to setting up a defined strategy for improving online reputation and reviews on Trip Advisor, creating a stronger social media presence in order to build customer loyalty, and stronger analytics in order to track conversions and effectiveness of the marketing channels they were taking action in.

Why AllTrips?

AllTrips was consistently one of BEWW's top referral sources for website traffic for over 15 years. Their paid ad campaign on the network of online travel guides has provided an advertising platform that consistently delivers quality traffic and eventual customers to our website. By working with our marketing team, Barker Ewing was able to implement a strategic digital marketing plan that has helped them accomplish their revenue and reputation goals, and ensures a positive growth path into the future!

The Results

Overall traffic to the Barker Ewing website is consistently growing across all web channels. Online reservation completions are increasing which is up 23% over the previous year, along with higher website to reservation conversion rates. They now have 955 Facebook followers, and 255 Instagram followers, showing positive growth across all Social Networks. Barker Ewing Whitewater could not be more pleased with the results!

AllTrips Digital Marketing has been my go to for 15+ years! Their team is a dream to work with! They are professional, knowledgable in the latest marketing technologies, and without fail, always willing to go the extra mile to create a product that exceeds my expectation. Of their many talents, their capabilities to manage Social Media is a prime example of how AllTrips demonstrates their level of commitment in knowing and understanding their clients business and representations to be able to generate honest and accurate broadcasts and responses. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

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