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The Hostel

Jackson, Wyoming

AllTrips Solutions


  • 5%
  • increase in direct visits to website
  • 11%
  • increase in visitors to the reservations page
  • 3%
  • increase in reservations conversions
  • 57%
  • increase in contact form submits

The Hostel has used AllTrips Digital Marketing Solutions to overcome the challenges of both growing their online presence and increasing early bookings based around their unique location and offering.

The Company

The Hostel is a renovated hostel that now operates as a motel in the heart of Teton Village, in Jackson Hole, WY. In addition to it’s private rooms with bathrooms it boasts one of the best ski-in/ski-out locations, and the most affordable rates. You will find a friendly, laid back vibe at The Hostel.

The Hurdles to Overcome

Because they chose to keep the word “Hostel” in their name as homage to their history as one of Teton Village’s original and well-known lodging properties, their biggest challenge was to convey that they actually offer hotel-style rooms and functions more like a motel than a hostel. But they also wanted to fill rooms early for their busiest months and maximize direct reservation profitability.

Why AllTrips?

Initially, the Hostel partnered with AllTrips using paid listings to promote their strengths to the right audience and drive customers directly to their website. But by rebuilding their site using Wordpress and taking advantage of a combination of digital marketing tools, Alltrips enabled the Hostel to maximize profitability by shifting more of their bookings from OTAs, with their pricey commission rates, to direct bookings.

The Results

The Hostel has been busier and more profitable with : each passing season. Their direct reservations continue to grow, online awareness has increased, and guests continue to report their satisfaction with their stay at the Hostel via online reviews. The Hostel's excellent customer retention through social media and reputation management makes them a great example of how AllTrips Digital Marketing Solutions can help increase the success of an independent lodging property.

In 2008, the current owners of the Hostel purchased the property, a unique, non-Brand name lodge overly dependent on a dwindling base of former customers. With little presence on the internet, occupancy throughout the year consistently under-performed the Jackson Hole market as a whole. With Alltrips assistance, the Hostel has navigated its social media, Google/SEO, OTA, and property management system integrations. High-seasons now see close to 100% occupancy, with shoulder-seasons becoming part of the high-seasons, helping the Hostel to consistently over-perform the Jackson Hole market. Being a small, family operation, Alltrips helps us manage our marketing efforts, so that we might focus on day-to-day operations serving our guests.

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