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Elephant Head Lodge

Cody, WY



  • 104%
  • increase in direct clicks to website
  • 23%
  • increase in visitors to reservations page
  • 89%
  • increase in newsletter open rate

Challenged with a short peak season and in park lodging competition, The Elephant Head Lodge has grown its web presence and reputation with the help of AllTrips.

The Company

Elephant Head Lodge is an historic log cabin resort between the East gate of Yellowstone and Cody, WY. You will find delicious homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, blue ribbon trout fishing, unbeatable scenic views, and an escape from the summer crowds of Yellowstone. The family-run and family-oriented property offers a unique escape complete with playgrounds, outdoor grills, picnic tables, and open space to roam and play. The cabins of Elephant Head Lodge, hand-built by Buffalo Bill Cody’s niece in 1910, are a modernized and comfortable way to see the east side of Yellowstone.

The Hurdles to Overcome

The lodge's biggest challenge was to be discovered by travelers and families looking for a unique property. The lodge was struggling to immediately and accurately convey what a truly wonderful lodging experience theirs was to visitors when they arrived at their website. Coupled with the short peak season of Yellowstone access from the East Gate - between May and October - they needed to grow their overall awareness and search presence to make the most of their limited window. With Yellowstone as competition, it is a challenge to get people who don’t know the area to look outside the gates for lodging, so setting themselves apart was a challenge to overcome.

Why AllTrips?

Trust is the cornerstone of this relationship. Elephant Head Lodge worked closely with their AllTrips rep in-person and over the phone to convey their challenges and understand the solutions that AllTrips could offer them in growing not just their web presence but their reputation. Open, honest communication helped set them on the right path to overcoming their hurdles and achieving their goals.

The Results

In the past year of working with AllTrips, Elephant Head Lodge saw a 104% increase in direct clicks to their website. Over 33% of those visitors went to their reservations page, which was a 23% increase over the previous year. The lodge continues to see growth from customer loyalty and retention efforts, including social media engagement and newsletter open rates of up to 89%.

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